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Introducing Blayer Pointdujour

Philebrity Label is proud to introduce the newest artist we’re working with, Blayer Pointdujour. A first-generation Haitian-American, Blayer is a singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist whose work incorporates a globe-trotting array of influences from reggae and dancehall to 1977-style punk rock and many, many points in between. Over the years, Blayer has done lots of time as a ringer in hardcore bands, but we’ve loved him ever since he broke out on his own with the Access Card demo back in May 2010. Since those bedroom demos, Blayer has assembled a big band of his own, The Rockers Galore, played a slew of gigs, and most recently, completed his debut EP for Philebrity Label, Port Au Prince, which is available now on iTunes. Stay tuned for more news about Blayer Pointdujour, and in the meantime, take a listen to “Guns Of Philly” here: