Philebrity Label:
There is nothing that will stop us from loving you.

Hi, and welcome to the temporary online home of Philebrity Label, the new music and media venture from Philebrity.com. We started Philebrity Label in 2009 to champion artists we truly believe in, and to find smarter and more effective ways for people in the worlds of arts and music to make a go of it. We release music on vinyl records, digitally, and any other way that seems fit. Since our primary position at Philebrity Label is that of emboldened advocates, we work in a co-operative fashion with our artists, licensing their masters rather than owning them, and working together with them on a variety of fronts that include more than simple releases. For us, Philebrity Label is a talent incubator, and we’re here to evangelize on behalf of the artists we love, any way we can.

Philebrity Label is based in Philadelphia but keeps an eye on the world outside of it as well. If you’ve got something you’d like to ask or tell us about, write us a note at: tips[at]philebrity[dot]com. Please include the phrase “HEY PHILEBRITY LABEL!” in your subject header.



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